The World of M.D.P.

Tour Series Durham - OVO Tour Series, Round 4, Durham.

The OVO Tour Series visited Durham for the ninth time in its 10 year history. Durham is regarded as the toughest couse of the series and one of the favourite venues of both spectators and riders alike. This year the event saw the first ever men's individual hill climb, 500 meters up the cobbles of South Street. Also, for the first time, the Tour Series features a women's race at every round. Fortunately the rain held off as the crowds gathered to see the riders tackle the 1.4 km course. The difficult course features a cobbled descent down Crossgate before turning the tight corner onto the tough cobbled slopes of South Street.

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Hammerhead Karoo - First experiences with the Karoo

The <a href="https://www.hammerhead.io/pages/karoo">Karoo</a> is a new GPS cycling navigation device from Hammerhead. It is designed to compete with similar offerings from Garmin and ELEMNT. After pre ordering a Karoo last June, following a series of shipping and production delays, I finally recieved my device at the end of February. Unfortunately it arrived right in the middle of the worst spell of weather in the UK for a long time, preventing me from giving it a run out for a week or so. Finally the gales and snow storms abated and I got out for my first ride on 7th March. There was still a lot of snow on the roads and much of my planned route for my first ride was still blocked by deep snow leading to some navigational challenges. My next two rides, however, went a bit more smoothly and so, having had the Karoo out three or four times now, I thought I would review my experience of it so far.

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The Land of the Osmanli

Whilst hunting for rights free vintage cycling images, I came across this rather curious book, "Through a Continent on Wheels" by R. L. Jefferson. Published in 1899. The book depicts the travels of Mr Jefferson across Europe and beyond by bicycle during the last decade of the 19th Century.

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John Fairhurst - I'm Coming Home

I sumbled across John Fairhurst in the Big Top at Beautiful Days. He followed the Levellers acoustic set with a growling mix of foot stomping, dirty blues and good old rock and roll. This video is a live performance of I'm Coming Home from his album Saltwater.

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GIMP Dragan Effect

Andrzej Dragan is a Polish photographer known for his often shocking and provocative style. Since 2003 he has developed his own technique of digital photo processing, which he terms "retouching ligh

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WordSmash is a fast action word game for Android phones and tablets. Race against the clock to find as many words of three letters or more as you can. Collect points and bonuses as you go. Increase th

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